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Understanding Floor Preparation and Why It Is Important

Ever seen a floor with a coating that was peeling? Have you wondered on how or why this happened? Well the answer is clear to concrete experts, this happened because the concrete wasn’t prepared properly.

The ability of bonding between the coating and the concrete is dependent on the surface of the concrete. The surface of the concrete needs to be clean, open and porous. When a coating system does not bond securely to the concrete it basically cures and dangles on the flooring surface until something is dropped, it cracks or water gets underneath it causing it to peel. When a coating system has bonded correctly it becomes apart of the concrete flooring.

The best way to ensure the preparation of the concrete surface is to diamond grind or shot blast the concrete. These machines also remove any existing paint, spills, or glue.

Coating Process:

Grinding or Shot Blasting

For all our endeavors, we at Garage Perfect start with grinding or shot blasting the existing concrete. This ensures the complete removal of previous coatings, glue or spills while opening the top layer of the concrete. This a crucial step in the coating process because even a new concrete slab can reject finishing materials when the finished surface is too hard for the coatings to properly soak in.

Major Repairs

Major repairs can vary from heavy deterioration, sloping issues, ramps or coving. Each major repair we encounter at Garage Perfect are handled with a variety of top quality repair and resurfacing products specific to your needs. Please note that additional fees may be required for major repairs.


Cleaning is essential for your coating system. Garage Perfect uses industrial vacuums to ensure that all dust particles and debris are off the floor before we coat.

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs can vary between pitting, deterioration and small cracks. Garage Perfect uses an industrial strength epoxy crack filler to complete these repairs and more.

Coating System

Coating systems vary depending on how you would like to customize your flooring. Here at Garage Perfect we offer flooring varying from, beautiful colored arrays to durable work flooring. Typically, we would start coating with a base coat of epoxy or polyaspartic. From there we would customize your flooring depending on your needs. Give us a call today (613) 288-9315 or book a free consultation with one of our local experts.

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