Wall Organizational Systems

Solutions for Garage Wall Organizational Systems

Most people store things against the wall in their garages. Although this is practical, it is not convenient. 

We at Garage Perfect recommend installing PVC slat wall with lockable hooks and accessories to organize your belongings in accordance to season and usability.

By utilizing combination of shelving, locks, baskets and other accessories, organization panels can accommodate a wide variety of items. Slat walls and organization panels offers convenient storage for bicycles, sports equipment, gardening tools as well as other outdoor accessories.


Unlike conventional particle board and MDF slatwall, our SLATWALL is molded of a thermoplastic. In addition to being rugged, it is waterproof and mildew proof. The panels are designed to withstand tough abuse.


Our SLATWALL is designed to last a lifetime, and the warranty is designed to give you peace of mind.


PVC Wall panels are made with 90% recycled materials- The greenest storage solution on the planet!


All our products we use in any system are made in Canada! Eh?


PVC Slat wall is extremely durable, waterproof engineered to meet heavy duty industry standards. This type of slat wall also protects your walls from mold an mildew. Typically, the size of the panels is 1ft x 8ft large and is available in standard colours as well as wood grains.

Slat wall attaches to your garage wall with the help of secure wall studs. If studs are not available Garage Perfect skilled labourers will build a frame for the slat wall to attach to the garage structure using wood.

When storing heavy items like leaf blowers, ladders and tools we at Garage Perfect recommends using cradle hooks. Cradle hooks are specifically designed to support heavy items.

Smaller items like yard tools, hand tools and sports equipment can fit on Universal Hooks which come in two sizes. Bicycle and tricycles can fit on specialty bike hooks. Long handled tools can be placed on a Heavy Duty Tool Hook. This hook stores a multitude of long handled tools.

Slat wall is versatile and able to extend from floor to ceiling if deemed necessary. Slat wall is aesthetically pleasing and can make your garage look as though it is an extension of your home. Our slat wall is designed to last and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Garage Perfect’s designers recommend using PVC shelving in most of our garage reformations. PVC shelving are not only durable their waterproof surface is easy to clean. The shelving we use are supported by brackets that use the Camlok™ mechanisms. These mechanisms are used for securing the brackets into the slat wall. The standard size for the PVC shelves are 8 feet long and 3 feet in depth. If needed shelving can be cut at a shorter depth to better suit your needs.

Lockable Baskets & Bins

Lockable baskets come in one size 15″ wide x 8″ deep 11″ high and 24 in wide x 9 in deep and 9 in high. Lockable Baskets are recommended for storing hazardous items such as fertilizer, bottles, car cleaning supplies and items such as balls. This solution allows you to see the contents of the basket for easy retrieval. We also carry various sizes of plastic bins that are able to be installed on slatwall.

Lockable Hooks

A strong slatwall organization system isn’t any good without the proper accessories. We use specialized hooks that firmly locks to the slatwall so that when you’re lifting off a piece of equipment, the hook doesn’t come with it. This not only makes it safer but also allows you flexibility to move your hooks without using screw as your storage needs, lifestyle or seasons change.