Step By Step Process of
Refinishing Damaged

Garage Floor

Upgrading your garage floor with a Garage Perfect Epoxy Coating is an affordable way to make an ultra durable, clean and functional space to your home. We documented the process of residential restoration and created a step by step description. If you would like to restore your garage then fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Diamond Polishing Machine

To prepare the surface of the floor we use an industrial powered floor grinder. Using diamond polishing pads it aggressively takes away the top layer of concrete. This process is also known as profiling the concrete. Proper profiling opens the pores of the concrete and creates more surface area for the epoxy to “grab” on to. Preparing the surface properly will result in a floor that lasts a lifetime without any peeling, cracking or bubbling.

In this garage there are 4 cracks that span throughout the slab. Because of heaving we focus special attention on any cracks making sure they are level with the rest of the floor. Using a hand grinder we need to excavate the crack making sure there is a solid surface area for the mortar to bond with.

The perimeter of the garage and the verticals are ground using the hand grinder as well. As nicely profiled surface will have better results. Finally, we thoroughly vacuum the floor – the cleaner the floor, the better the epoxy will perform.

Repairing the Damaged Floor

The garage floor in this example is extremely damaged from years of Ottawa’s harsh winters and salty conditions. Depending on the condition of your garage will depend on how much repair is needed. In this garage we had to repair about 90% of the surface but some garages we can omit this step entirely. Until we inspect the structure of the slab we can’t accurately estimate the amount of repairs. Call or e-mail to schedule an appointment and we can inspect your floor when we provide an estimate.


We grind the concrete to profile the surface, open the pores and level the cracks. Next, we mix an epoxy mortar which is poured and troweled on the damaged areas. Because of the chemical properties of epoxy floors, the repairs are strong, durable and long lasting.

Once the mortar is set we use the diamond polishing machine to grind the floor and profile the surface. A well profiled floor will have a very rough surface which means the epoxy coating will have a better bond and last longer. We vacuum the entire floor and once all the dust is gone we are ready for an epoxy undercoating


We mix 2 parts of epoxy and apply it to the floor with a roller from front to back. The pot life of the epoxy is very short so it must be applied quickly. With the epoxy undercoat drying, the decorative paint chips need to be applied at the same time.

People are always curious how we get such a precise distribution of paint chips on the floor and as you can see it requires a lot of skill. All jokes aside, the paint chips are thrown onto the floor in excess creating lots of layers, textures and patterns. The excess paint chips are scraped off and vacuumed before sealing the floor.


We are onto the final step! This layer seals everything in, makes the floor virtually indestructible and creates a waterproof seal. At the mixing station, we prepare the top coat of epoxy. The epoxy is poured on the floor and rolled on evenly, making sure the whole floor is covered. We let that dry (~20 minutes) and add additional layers until the desired thickness has been achieved (usually 2-3 coats).

Your floor is now finished! You can walk on it in under an hour. You can put smaller items back in your garage within 24 hours, but your vehicles need to wait 72 hours.

For most garages, the process is complete in under a day. The Ottawa Garage Transformation is a totally dust free process and when drying has a non-offensive odour.

Our clients get so much joy out of the use they get from the garage of all places. This client has a nice 12′ shuffleboard and dart board set up to enjoy with his family. Take back your garage and make a clean useable space for exercise, hobbies, and a rainy day haven.

When can we start?

Most garages can be completely installed in a single day, maybe longer if the floor has damage and needs repairs (the garage you will see in this article is in pretty bad shape). Things like lawn mowers need to come out but things on the wall or shelves can stay. Due to the nature of the product, we cannot install epoxy floors when the temperature is below 10-degree Celsius.

Important Factors

Consultation and Estimate

During this visit we will discuss the options available to you in refinishing your floor (colour, finishes, customization, etc.). We will measure the square footage of your floor and verticals. Finally we assess the amount of damage and repairs (if any) that need to done in preparation for the final epoxy coating. We service Ottawa and the surrounding regions in Ontario.

What factors make up the price?​

The main factor in your estimate will be the square footage or your garage, but damaged floors with cracks, deep pitting, salt damage will need to be assessed.

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