Our Process

Garage Perfect 1-Day Process

One of the best features of the Garage Perfect system is the one-day installation. That means your cars, motorcycle, tools and other items only need to be out of your garage for one day! Most other floor systems take multiple days for preparation, application and drying. With Garage Perfect, you can begin using your garage and the new garage floor protection the very next day!

Here’s how the process works:

Step 1- Evaluation

Our consultation process lets us evaluate the condition of your concrete, double-check measurements and finalize your colour selection.  During the evaluation, we will check the moisture level of the concrete (new pours) and choose the best kind of epoxy coating for your floor. 

Step 2- Repairs

Our technicians, who are certified concrete repair technicians, can fix almost anything on your garage floor surface. Minor and major cracks will be remediated, and badly pitted floors or areas that are spalling will also be restored and/or releveled. Our team will do anything possible to ensure a complete success for your garage floor.

Step 3- Preparation

Our floor specialists will prepare the floor by diamond grinding the surface with our state of the art, industry leading diamond grinder attached to a high powered hepa vacuum system. This process opens up the tiny pores within the concrete surface. The floor is then vacuumed thoroughly to remove any remaining debris

Step 4- Installation

A two-part priming coat is blended with a tinted base colour and rolled onto the floor. The decorative chips are then broadcasted into the base coat to achieve the desired look that will also create a slip resistant surface. After an hour, the floor will be ready to be scraped or sanded, then vacuumed. The final stage in this process is applying the clear topcoat to the surface at the desired thickness, this creates an everlasting shine that’s waterproof, resists oil and grease and is very easy to clean.

Step 5- Completion

Enjoy your beautiful, slip resistant, stain and corrosion resistant, protected, high quality floor! We take pride in our work and sometimes will send a photographer to take high quality pictures for our portfolio. Be prepared to show off your new garage to your neighbours, family members, and anyone else who wants to see it!

Read more about how we repaired a severely cracked and salt-damaged garage floor in an Ottawa home.  We documented the entire job with pictures and video so if you want to take a closer look at the process see the step by step garage floor renovation.

Garage Perfect Before & After

Check out the difference a day can make! Take your dusty and crumbling concrete floor and turn it into a new room in the house!  Your garage will become a place for the whole family to hang out working on projects, hobbies or playing games.  See the stunning difference by sliding the image!



The Garage Perfect Floor Coating has high flexibility, so it stretches and moves with the concrete, which gives you far superior durability and performance characteristics.


The Garage Perfect Floor Finishing System is superior to the competition and can be applied year- around to almost any concrete floor with our exclusive one-day process.


The Garage Perfect Floor Finishing System offers the customer an unending array of color choices to coordinate with the architecture or personal styles.