Colourful Epoxy, Chip & Flake Flooring

Concrete Floor Colour Choice

Flooring Color Choices

Garage Perfect can mix and match a limitless selection of color choices.  We recommend starting with our most popular color blends and then customizing to meet your unique look. Our epoxy resins are supplied by major suppliers like Sika and Sherwin Williams.

Our representatives are skilled in helping homeowners and business owners select a color that complements and enhances your garage or business.  Our products provide a protective coating that lasts for decades. The color swatches below are available for residential and commercial projects in Ottawa. We stock the most popular color options but for more obscure colors and patterns they need to be customed ordered.

Benefits Of A Garage Perfect Floor

The samples below do their best to portray the color of your floor once they are installed. To see sample swatches and see what each color looks like in your garage have a free, no-obligation consultation with a certified Garage Perfect representative. Our garage renovation experts measure your garage, assess any damages that need repaired and help you pick out the perfect color for your new garage floor, kitchen, bathroom, or basement.


Chip & Flake Color Charts

Chip & flake coatings make bright and seamless floor surfaces and are a huge upgrade from drab concrete. The flakes are sealed under a tough coat of epoxy resin resulting in excellent adhesion. The flakes don’t just look great they also provide a nice orange peel texture.

Chip and flake epoxies are perfect for garages, locker rooms, kitchens, clinics, and anywhere a strong performing floor is needed. The chips are made from durable vinyl and applied to the floor and sidewalls for a nice uniform look. The mosaic pattern of the broadcast means spills are very difficult to see but still easy to clean! In Ottawa chip and flake coatings are very popular thanks to the wide range of colors and textures available. Our season professionals ensure adequate coating and you’ll be happy with a brand new clean low maintenance garage floor.

Metallic Floor Color Choices

Metallic epoxy resins look incredible in garages and basements! They are the perfect addition to any man cave and come in wide range of color choices. Metallic floor coatings have a gaseous three-dimensional appearance that swirl around like the Milky Way. No 2 metallic floors will ever be the same so when you choose this finish it’s custom.The high sheen surface reflects ambient light and showcases whatever is in the room. A new sports care, pool table, arcade, or barbershop these floors provide the wow effect you were looking to achieve.Our metallic epoxy floors are known for being very strong and perform under extreme conditions. The seamless surface means there is nowhere for dirt to hide so a quick broom or hose is all you need for pristine floors. From cool to outrageous, see some of the incredible metallic epoxy floor colours below.

Solid Color Garage Flooring

Solid color epoxy floors come in a wide range of colors designed to match the exterior or interior of your house or business. Solid color epoxies are very strong and designed to stand up to extreme wear and tear. Best of all, our top coat epoxies are skid resistant so running shoes and car tires won’t mark the surface of the solid color finish.Solid color epoxy floors are popular choices in garages, warehouses, showrooms and basements. They are a cost effective finish that is highly resistant to UV damage and scratches. Our professionally mixed epoxies ensure thorough color mixing for even and consistent results.Meet with a Garage Perfect sales rep in your home and choose the perfect color to match your personality and style.