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The Problem with DIY Garage Floor Kits

Handy people across the country ask themselves one question…… How hard can it be? Many of you come across DIY epoxy floor coatings at home improvement stores and online retailers and think, hey I can do that! These manufacturers often advertise the results of these kits as a professional coating. This is not always the case, while you could Do It Yourself, the question is whether you should.

We here at Garage Perfect understand why you would want to undertake a DIY project on your own. I mean, home improvement is our forte, backed by decades of experience. For this reason, we urge you DIY handy people out there to take several things into consideration when undertaking a concrete coating job;

Time Constraints

If you have small children or you are just plain busy the last thing you want to plague your life is a DIY project. There are several time related factors that go into garage flooring kits including:

  • Time for research
  • Tool shopping
  • Cleanup time
  • Unforeseen trips to the hardware store
  • Time-sensitive flooring materials which can not be ignored
  • The floor’s curing time (which can take over a week with certain kits)

We at Garage Perfect can complete a project in as little as 24 hours. This way you are not put out of your space for an extended period.

Accruing Costs

Cost related factors usually drive DIY projects. If this project is done wrong, you should consider the cost of replacing damaged or inadequate coatings. Coatings do not last forever but if you are forced to recoat a surface after only a few years is it worth the trouble?

Garage Perfect products are designed to shield the weather, cracking and chemicals. This ensures that you aren’t paying more money to re-coat your flooring after only a few years. Our flooring is also backed by a ten-year warranty. This will leave you with extra money to spend for years to come!


There are a few requirements for renovation that you may be unaware of. Local building codes and environmental requirements need to be met if you decide to sell your home.  There is an abundance of DIY kits that don’t advise on the proper disposal of coating by-products. The improper disposal of these products can lead to fines etc.

Re-sale Value

The re-sale value of your home isn’t usually a concern until home owners are ready to sell. Before you coat your flooring think about whether you are adding value to your home. More often, the resulting flooring ends up deteriorating over just a few years.

Although they may not know it, buyers almost always prefer professional renovations to DIY experiments. The horrifying factor about buying a coating kit is that you are unaware of the results. The cheaper the kit the more inferior the product. Inferior products don’t adhere well to the concrete and result in peeling within a year or two. With a Garage Perfect coating system, your floor is guaranteed to add value to your home.

Before taking on a major DIY task on your own consider the facts. We urge you to compare our services and your preferred DIY kit before taking on your flooring. What matters is the result and you can determine what you are getting with a Garage Perfect coating system.

What Material Creates the Best Garage Floor Coating?

This is a loaded question and the answer is complicated, it depends on the condition of your flooring and what your preference is for the finished product. There are a few more questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a material:

  • Does your floor need a little TLC or does it require a lot of repair?
  • Was your concrete surface prepared with a diamond grinder tool or shot-blaster?
  • Did you want a decorative chip finish, metallic epoxy or a solid color finish?

Don’t listen to the chemical companies who advertise their products as the “Best” do some research first.

Garage Perfect’s Coating Recommendation

Typically, we at Garage Perfect coat garage will first coat the flooring with an epoxy base. Then we place a coat of decorative chips. Finally, we would top the flooring off with a coat of polyaspartic. This combination, we believe, makes the best garage floor coating system for the following reasons:

  • We have learned through experience that epoxies bond well with concrete better than other substances. Our epoxies take time to soak into the pores and scratches of the concrete for bonding purposes.
  • Although metallic epoxy pigments create a visually appealing floor, they (like solid colors) make dirt, smudges, scratches, water spots, spill residue and waviness appear more visibly in the concrete surface. We use a larger decorative chip blend or hybrid blend because they can hide the malformations in the concrete.
  • Polyaspartic coatings are typically difficult to install. If done correctly the flooring is aesthetically pleasing, scratch resistant, chemical resistant and durable. These factors make them ideal for a garage atmosphere. This type of flooring has a very high sheen but the high shine is reduced overtime.
  • This coating system is thick which allows the future application of topcoats. This allows the old clear coat to be smoothed for the bonding of a new coat.
  • If your flooring gets damaged easily this is the coating system for you. Although you can repair the concrete the damage may still be slightly visible. With other coating systems, the damage will be greatly visible and may need an entire new coat.

DIY Epoxy Paint Kits

If you have your heart set on a DIY project listen up because DIY kits don’t give you all the information you need to install a successful flooring system. Here are some of the claims of DIY kits that we are refuting:

  1. “You don’t need to do any special preparation to the concrete, just apply the epoxy paint.” This may seem reasonable to some of you but for the Experts at Garage Perfect we call shenanigans. All professional coating companies always prepare concrete before starting a project. The preparation of the flooring helps the coating bond to the concrete.
  2. “Guaranteed not to peel up under hot tires.” This is a statement that can’t be backed up since there is no control of the surface preparation, material temperature, floor temperature, product mixing or product application. There is absolutely no way for the manufacturer to guarantee that there will be no peeling.

Are there any good garage flooring DIY kits out there?  Yes, but you must properly prepare the surface and follow the mixing and application instructions accordingly.

If you are taking the DIY route we recommend that you look for a decorative chip floor. If one of our experts decided to choose their own DIY flooring kits for their man cave that’s the route they would go for sure! Give us a call today (613) 288-9315 or book a free consultation with one of our local experts.

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