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A Garage Perfect Floor is Environmentally Sustainable and Economic

Earth Day Ottawa 2018

At Garage Perfect we care about the environment.  When choosing what flooring system is the right option for your home, business or facility we would like you to consider how a Garage Perfect floor has these green advantages.

Recycled Material

To reduce costs, concrete mixtures are made from the waste products and recycled material from other projects like power plants, steel mills and other facilities.  Instead of disposing of these materials they are reused which is great for lowering costs and helping the environment.

Ecologically Sustainable

The primary ingredient in cement is Limestone.  This is the most abundant mineral found on earth.  When compared to other products that contain oil (asphalt) it is one of the greener choices for your project.  It is easy to mine and comes from areas near Ottawa which means less CO2 footprint when it comes to shipping and transportation.  


Concrete is a very tough and durable product.  Choosing a product with a lifespan as long as concrete means it won’t need to be replaced as often.  This helps the environment by reducing the amount of maintenance, repairs and replacements.

Energy Efficiency

Heating costs both the business and the environment.  Concrete floors are a great way to maximize heating efficiency because they have good thermal properties.  Concrete floors absorb the temperature from the air which means they help keep the area warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Reducing heater and air conditioner usage impacts the environment positively.  With rising hydro and energy costs, this is of particular concern to our Ottawa clients.  

Air Quality

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) evaporate into the air reducing air quality.  Concrete is naturally VOC free and certain epoxy topcoats are 100% solid. This means that when they dry there are no toxins evaporating into the air.  

Ottawa Garage Flooring

A Garage Perfect floor will give you all the durability you need without having to sacrifice design, functionality or beauty.  For a product that is going to last a lifetime and is environmentally sustainable then consider a polished concrete floor for your home or business.

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