So Many Floors, How To Choose?

3 Important factors when choosing your next floor.

When considering the right flooring for your home or business it can be overwhelming. There are so many types of flooring that it is sometimes hard to choose the right type of flooring that is suitable for you both personally or practically.

Coloured concrete floors, parquet floors, tiles and hardwood are a few of the most popular types of flooring but these categories are very broad. When choosing flooring it is important to consider a variety of factors. It is important that your flooring is esthetically pleasing as well as durable. Read the following tips carefully to ensure that you are making the right decision for your flooring needs.

A Big Room Can Be Very Cold

Have you ever noticed that each room in your house varies in temperature as well as sizing? This isn’t usually a problem until you must choose flooring for these rooms. Sometimes the rooms are colder than the rest of your house when the climate changes. This just means that the flooring chosen for this area must be suitable for the climate of the room in all seasons.

Furniture Can Scratch Your Floor

Let’s take a closer look at living rooms. Living rooms are typically open spaces that must have durable flooring enough to handle heavy furniture and resist scratches. Hardwood, laminate and tiles are very popular with living room flooring but unknowing to some, polished concrete finishes prove to be quite useful in this area as well.

Don’t Grow Mold

When you’re thinking about bathroom and kitchen flooring you must choose a flooring type that will resist mould and mildew while preventing slipping. Ensure that the flooring is low maintenance to minimise cleaning costs and to maximise functionality.

Stay Within Your Budget

Budgeting is extremely important when it comes to home renovations. You don’t want to spend too little on materials that won’t last, or spend too much on materials that are just aesthetically pleasing. When considering how much to spend on your home you must consider if you are going to renovate partially or the entire house at once. You also must consider if you would like to lay the same materials throughout the house.

You must also consider the cost of installation. Sometimes the DIY route for flooring isn’t much cheaper than getting a professional to install your flooring. Most of the costs of installation come from buying tools that you may only use once. If you are considering installing concrete flooring, hiring a professional is the safer route because the tools for the task tend to be on the more expensive side. If you are unsure about any concrete installation call Concrete Fusion today for advice or a FREE quote!

Take Your Lifestyle into Consideration

The way you choose to live your life influences not only your everyday choices but your flooring choices as well. If you chose to have children or pets as well as your work preferences this will affect your decision making when it comes to what flooring you will choose for your home.

Easy to Maintain Floors

You must also consider the maintenance needed for your flooring. For instance, if you choose to have carpets and you have young children and animals, the level of care needed for the flooring will be high. This also affects the longevity of the flooring.

Owning a home and having to choose your flooring is a daunting task, consider your options before making a decision. Concrete flooring is a great option to have in high traffic areas. It is aesthetically pleasing and durable. If you would like more information on the benefits of concrete flooring or a FREE quote call us at Concrete Fusion today!

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