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Polished Concrete Interior Design Trend

Polished Concrete In Residential Homes

We advertise as a garage flooring company but more and more customer are getting us to do work inside the home as well.

This design is becoming more and more popular.  It’s not uncommon we get a call from our garage customer who wants us to do their kitchen or basement.  The high gloss concrete is low maintenance, is super easy to clean and doesn’t require waxing. It’s virtually indestructible and can be customized in almost every way from colour to finish.

Why Is Polished Concrete Increasing in Popularity Amongst Homeowners?

Achieve a modern and clean look with minimal investment.  Going with hardwood or tiles would require an investment in physical products.  The square footage is relative to the amount of product you need. Epoxy flooring scales much better for larger projects reducing costs.

Does moving furniture over your hardwood scare you?

People like a flooring system that they don’t need to worry about.  Polished concrete provides style and strength. You shouldn’t have to worry about damaging your floor.  Radiant heating is a popular choice amongst Ottawa homeowners.  Installed a floor heating system will require some kind of concrete element to cover the pipes.  People like the simplicity of combining polished concrete offers with floor heating projects.   No joints, and no grout mean your floor stay clean and are easier to clean!  Mold, allergens, dirt, bacteria and grime are easily eliminated and when compared with carpet, hardwood, tile, etc.


How Do You Install A Floor Inside?

The first step is the same for any new floor.  We remove the old floor to expose the concrete pad.  We mix and pour a layer of self-levelling cement that will become your new floor.  Once dried we polish it with specialty industrial machines, this gives it an even and smooth look. Lastly, we apply the topical coating which gives the cosmetic and aesthetic appearance that you choose.  


Don’t let the name fool you.  

Garage Perfect works to transform homes and give you a modern and stylish look at an affordable price.  Give us a call if you are interested in renovating your home with polished concrete. We work with home owners and contractors. Give us call today!

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