With a new epoxy floor from Garage Perfect you are going to be spending a lot more time there completing projects and doing hobbies. Here are some of the coolest new toys and gadgets that will complete the transformation of your man cave!

Ryobi Garage Door Opener

Retail Price: $250

It your chain driven garage door opener is older than you, it might be time for an update. The Ryobi garage door opener has a built in LED light, WiFi, and many modular accessories. It can accommodate up to 7 extra addons that include:

  • Battery backup
    Retractable extension cord
    Tire Inflator
    Parking Laser
    Bluetooth Speaker
    Security camera

The electric belt driven door opener is much quieter and smoother than older models and Ryobi is known for building quality consumer grade products.

1-Up 3/4 Scale Arcade Cabinet

Retail Price: $400

This product came out in 2018 and allowed consumers easy access to owning an arcade cabinet. Original arcades are expensive, delicate and too big to easily move around the house. 1-Up made licensed cabinets each featuring 3-4 retro arcade games. The artwork is beautiful and gameplay is authentic. It’s a perfect addition to your new garage where the family can enjoy the garage of all places. In the winter the product can easily be moved indoors.

Makes you wonder if ¾ pinball could ever be a thing.


Retail $50

Since renovating my garage I picked up an old dart board off of Kijiji for $20! It was in great shape and came with all the accessories. In the spring, summer and fall the whole family is out there at least one a week playing 501, cricket, golf, baseball and even creating games of our own.

Neodymium Magnets

Retail $20

I took apart some old hard drives a few years back and discovered the amazing capabilities of super strong rare earth magnets. Now I use them on everything! I use them to hold my gate open, I use them to hold mason jars to the work bench and I use them to attach the brook to the wall. Their strength is amazing and it’s so satisfying to just pull and have them release. For organization, storage and a long list of “lifehacks” buy a pack of neodymium magnets and see how many uses you can come up with.

Tire Rack

Retail Price: $100

Having the tires in the corner covering your beautiful new floor just won’t work. Consider buying a tire rack to conveniently store winter and summer tires. For something we use twice a year there is no reason that is should command prime real estate in your garage. Install a tire rack and get these things up and away for better use of space!

Ryobi Pressure Washer

Retail Price: $120

I am well aware that this is not the strongest pressure washer on the market. I bought this last year and for home use, I strongly recommend it. First off, it is more than powerful enough to wash you

r garage floor especially after the winter. It is great for doing the driveway and even at full power it hasn’t damaged the finish of my car. Yes there are more powerful models on the market but they are more expensive, not nearly as compact. For the price this is model has been a great product and its space saving design is a great feature.

Since renovating our Garage Floor our family has spend so much more time together as a result. Having a clean and safe area makes playing games, school projects and home maintenance so much more enjoyable.

If you are looking to add a seasonal addition to your home consider renovating your Garage Floor with Garage Perfect.

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