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Although epoxy flooring solutions are durable and aesthetically pleasing there are factors that can affect the life of the floor. Epoxy flooring comes in more than one form. It is important to know which solution to use in your facility and which conditions will affect your flooring. Before choosing your flooring type, take the following factors into consideration:

Chemical Exposure

Chemicals can seriously damage flooring. Corrosive materials, certain solvents, acids or caustics can eat away at the flooring’s top coat and expose the bare concrete. A high-quality epoxy top-coat will be able to withstand the exposure of certain types of acids and solvents. High-quality epoxy coating systems are typically used in hospitals and food processing factories. If there is uncertainty about which chemicals will damage your flooring, call Concrete Fusion. One of our friendly representatives can answer all of your questions about the chemical resistance to epoxy flooring.


Extreme temperature conditions can affect your epoxy flooring negatively. There are a variety of epoxy coatings that have a higher degree of heat resistance as well as coatings that can be installed in cooler temperatures. If you’re considering epoxy floorings and you have a cold storage area that is cleaned with hot water, Concrete Fusion’s thermal shock-resistant floor coating is your best option.

Environmental Concerns

Epoxy coatings are mostly solvent-free. This means that our coating systems do not contain any V.O.C.  The coating is virtually odorless. This is important especially for individuals who are sensitive to strong lingering smells. Once epoxy coatings cure, there is no residual chemical smells left behind by the installation process. Concrete Fusion’s Polymer Flooring, does not contain formaldehyde like commercial carpeting and vinyl flooring.  Epoxy floor coatings as well as other flooring types containing materials similar to epoxy, contributes to environmental building programs like USGBC LEED Points.


Vehicle and foot traffic is an important factor to consider when choosing epoxy coatings. When making decisions about the durability of the flooring, take into consideration the type and frequency of traffic the flooring system will receive. This decision can affect the life of the flooring. Another factor to consider is the type of abrasion your flooring should be able to withstand. Before deciding upon floor coating options ask yourself the following questions:

  1.     What type of traffic will move through the space?
  2.     How heavy are the vehicles or carts moving around the area?
  3.     How often will the vehicles or foot traffic move through the space and at what rate?

Concrete Fusion offers durable high wear finishes. These finishes are available for steel wheels and vehicles carrying high point loads.

Another factor to consider when flooring is concerned is the type of shoes worn by each employee or patron. The flooring in a tap dance studio will need more durable floor coatings than the flooring in a ballet studio.


A major factor to consider when it comes to epoxy flooring is the amount of slip resistance needed to ensure the safety of the employees and patrons of the building. Often, this decision is made according to the environment and nature of the building. Slip-resistant flooring is popular in laboratories, factories and even dog kennels.

Industrial and commercial kitchens are susceptible to grease leaking onto the floor. These businesses need slip resistant flooring. Not only does the flooring have to be slip resistant in this industry, the flooring has to have the capability of withstanding heavy-duty cleaning solutions.


Aesthetics can be just as important as functionality when it comes to epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring is customizable and can be transformed into a work of art that will be appreciated by both employees and patrons. Epoxy is less expensive than other flooring and can be customized to embed logos and decorative additions.

For further information on epoxy flooring or for a free quote call Concrete Fusion today!


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