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Use Two Different Colours On Your Epoxy Floor (Custom decorative borders on your epoxy floor)

Customized borders on your floor can be a great way to add focal points that catch the eye.  They can be designed in many different ways….One of the recent projects that we finished, included parking lanes on his recent garage floor renovation.  This process doesn’t add too much work, and the end result added detail to the floor that not only looks beautiful but is functional too. We can show you how to achieve this look on your next project.  

For a Step By Step Guide of a Complete Floor, Click Here

Preparation Of Old Slab & Base Coat

We have to prepare the floor as if we were installing a monolithic single coloured option.  That means sanding and shot blasting the concrete. By cleaning off all the dust and lose concrete it creates more surface area so the product bonds are better and lasts longer.  Next, any cracks in the concrete must be filled and repaired – because having cracks in your garage floor is unacceptable.

We apply the primer coat over the entire floor and apply the flakes of the desired colour, in this case light grey. We let it cure for 24 hours, come back and remove any flakes that didn’t ‘stick’ with industrial vacuums.  For a normal residential floor we would be ready for the polyurea top coat, but, by adding decorative borders to the floor that had to be done before.

Measuring  & Taping Off The Guides

We measured the client’s cars and decided on how to size the parking lanes. Next, we tape off the area using a laser level, making sure everything is straight, uniform and even.  Make sure taping off lines for paintingyour lines are straight! The human eye is really good at seeing crooked lines!

Brushing the borders in with polyurea

We prime over the light grey layer with a jet black polyurea primer (other colours can be used depending on personal preference).  We carefully apply a layer of black flakes to the area and then let it cure for an hour. Once dried, the excess flakes are vacuumed and removed.  

Roll On Polyurea Top Coat

Normally at this stage, we would apply the polyurea top coat over the entire floor with a roller.  The agitation from the roller causes a minute amount of flakes to fly off and once sealed they are there forever!  We don’t want black flakes in the grey areas.

In order to keep things perfect we like to carefully brush the polyurea on the parking guides, let it dry and then seal the entire floor again with polyurea.  Pretty easy process with amazing results!

We love doing custom jobs like this.  It doesn’t add too much to the price and the final result is really impressive.  

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