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bad wifi in garage article

Improve Garage WIFI

How To Improve the Wifi Signal In My Garage With an increasing need for internet connectivity it becomes apparent which parts of the house have great […]
EV Home Charging in Garage

Installing an EV Charger In Your Garage? Read This!

Buying a new electric car?  What you need to know about home charging installation.   If you are in the market for an electric vehicle then […]
Polished Concrete Interior Design Trend

Hot Trend: Polished Concrete Not Just For The Garage

Polished Concrete In Residential Homes We advertise as a garage flooring company but more and more customer are getting us to do work inside the home […]
article decorative borders on garage floor

Add Extra Style To Your Epoxy Floor With Parking Guides

Use Two Different Colours On Your Epoxy Floor (Custom decorative borders on your epoxy floor) Customized borders on your floor can be a great way to […]