Epoxy Chip & Flake Garage Floors

Garage Perfect’s Residential Chip Floors

Garage Perfect’s chip system is a flooring system designed to provide a proficient yet decorative simulated granite/terrazzo seamless flooring finish. The chip system requires basic maintenance while offering incredible durability. Garage Perfect’s signature chip floor system combines high quality vinyl paint chip media with our extremely durable polyaspartic coatings. The result of this garage floor epoxy is an exceedingly durable yet artistically appealing concrete floor finish. Garage Perfect’s chip system is the finest floor finishing product on the market and will make your garage a safe haven for you and yours for generations. Typically, polyaspartic chip flooring are installed in one-day and it is ready for walking within 24 hours.

Concrete Polishing

Check out the difference textured chips make with the NEW:

Stone Series Epoxy Flakes


Our expert installers are professionals at installing the Garage Perfect floor coating system. We do it right, the first time! We take extra steps to ensure your floor coating is applied correctly. This includes a full moisture test of your concrete surface – this is a crucial step – and we fill and treat cracks and joints, and we’ll even prepare footings or foundation walls to finish an extraordinary transformation.


One of the best features of the Garage Perfect floor coating system is the color options for your garage floor or other surface. Color is attained through “color flakes” of resin and other safe, durable materials and you can choose from an existing pattern or blend, or create your own custom color with help from our experienced team. You can even mix and match — have one color for your pool deck and steps, and a different pattern for your garage floor.

Over 120 Chip & Flake Colours To Choose!


The Garage Perfect Floor Coating has high flexibility, so it stretches and moves with the concrete, which gives you far superior durability and performance characteristics.


The Garage Perfect Floor Finishing System is superior to the competition and can be applied year- around to almost any concrete floor with our exclusive one-day process.


The Garage Perfect Floor Finishing System offers the customer an unending array of color choices to coordinate with the architecture or personal styles.