Burnished Concrete

Burnished Concrete Polished Concrete Floors in Ottawa

Unbeatable Shine and Unmatched Durability

If you want to maintain the look of your concrete surface while increasing its strength and durability, Garage Perfect’s concrete polishing services are excellent way to do so. Finishing surfaces this way gives you the option to choose the sheen level and leaves you with a floor or counter that never needs to be waxed or coated. We only use the industry’s most advanced diamond tools and advanced equipment
One of the fantastic advantages of utilizing our Ottawa concrete floor polishing services, rather than going with a different flooring material, is the ease with which the surface can be cleaned. Because the newly polished is completely smooth, lacking cracks that can be left with tile and other flooring options, there are no hard-to-reach spaces for dirt, dust, and allergen buildup. This makes your space healthier and cuts down on cleanup time.

Concrete Polishing

With our quality concrete polishing services, Ottawa residents can rely on added durability and a longer lifespan than many other flooring options. This gives you a lifetime of cost savings, as you will not need to replace your concrete floor for years. Whether you are looking for a high-gloss finish or more of a satin appearance, polished concrete is perfect for your space. View our gallery or give us a call today to discuss your garage floor project or you can visit our sister company Concrete Fusion for more in depth information on concrete polishing.