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Advantages Epoxy Garage Floor

Refinishing old cracking and dusty garage floors is an trend that is growing in Ottawa. Before companies like Garage Perfect, commercial flooring companies were the only businesses who had the skill and equipment.  These companies were too big and too busy to take on anything less than 2000 square feet! The times have changed and home owners can afford a luxurious garage at a reasonable price.

Virtually Indestructible

Epoxy garage floors strengthen the structure of the floor helping mitigate cracks and salt damage.  The floor is can withstand impacts from dropped tools and is resistant to scratches. I used to moan when I saw all the salt in my garage.  But now I just let be and in the spring I can hose it out… good as new with no damage.


Stain Proof + Detected My Car Repair!

True story, today I had a transmission leak in my vehicle (sob).  I backed the car out of the garage and I could see the red liquid.  I just wiped it up with a rag. No stain, no solvent. If that was porous concrete there would be a stain guaranteed.  As an added bonus I was alerted to the leak in the transmission and am able to get it taken care of right away.


Dust Free Room

My garage used to be a dust magnet.  The salt erodes the concrete where it collects in the pits and cracks.  I would pressure wash the floor in the spring but the dust would always come back!  Since upgrading to an epoxy floor the dust is gone. It makes the time I spend there more enjoyable.  It means our family can play darts and work on hobbies in our socks with out choking on dust!


Restore Your Slab

We’ve seen a lot of garages in Ottawa and the majority of them are cracked and filled with holes.  Part of the service we offer includes restoring the slab, filling in the holes, and repairing the cracks.  The end result is a stronger foundation and more functional floor.


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