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We Do More Than Garage Floors!

Concrete floors are the perfect choice because of their incredible modern style and functionality. Our floors have the lowest maintenance costs are the MOST durable & can include a variety of different finishes!  Garage Perfect doesn’t just do Garages… we transform kitchens, bathrooms & basements too!  Learn about the wide variety of other concrete floor finishes we offer. 

Polished Concrete

Garage Perfect is Ottawa’s expert at resurfacing and polishing concrete floors. Polished concrete shines in the light with the look of natural stone.  Thes ultra-durable floors look super modern and customers LOVE the low maintenance.

Metallic Epoxy

Choose your colours and create swirling visual effects, marbled patterns and incredible designs with your floor. Choose from a range of pigments to match the style of your decorating.   Metallic epoxies can recreate the look or burnished later or sparkling galaxies!

Outdoor Epoxy Patio

Get your deck, boat or patio coated in a solid colour or chip and flake polyaspartic application. Made for outdoor applications they are weather and UV-resistant. We are experienced at installing epoxy coatings outdoors in Ottawa.