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Commercial & Industrial Grade Resinous Flooring

Our Garage Perfect commercial & Industrial grade coating technology allows for next day usability. This incredible service saves a tremendous amount of money and time. Alongside the fact that our coating technology is quick drying it can also be installed year round.

Garage Perfect’s industrial floors are resistant to a wide range of industrial chemicals, including but not limited to:

• Oil

• Gasoline

• Brake fluid

• Skydrol

Our patented technology triples the strength and chemical resistance of epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and other polyaspartic coatings. Garage Perfect’s commercial grade coatings are certain to meet the rigorous needs of any industrial floor. Our products contain unique ability to penetrate the concrete which establishes a level of adhesion that is superior to other floor coating systems.

Features and Benefits of Garage Perfect Coatings

  • • Abrasion Resistant
  • • No fading, yellowing or peeling from sunlight exposure
  • • Year-Round application
  • • Chemical Resistant
  • • Can be installed in one day
  • • Low VOC's
  • • Slip Resistant
  • • Easy to Clean

Commercial & Industrial Floor Finishing Options

Commercial Metallic Floors

Commercial Chip Floors

Commercial Quartz Floors

Inlays, Logos, Borders

Concrete Repair & Reconditioning

Concrete Polishing

High Build Epoxy Systems

Moisture Mitigation

Surface Preparation