Garage Storage

Overhead Garage Storage & Platforms

Overhead storage is the most unused storage space in the garage. This space is perfect for storing seasonal items and items used occasionally. Garage Perfect offers two types of overhead storage that will maximize your garage storage capacity, metal storage units and wood platforms.

Metal storage units are made of durable steel with a scratch resistant finish and are available in sizes varying to units that can support up to 800 lbs. The storage units are stabilized by joists and bolts attached to ceiling beams and posts which allows them to hang below the ceiling. These storage units are backed with a lifetime warranty.

Advantages of overhead storage includes:

Attractive, scratch resistant finish


Made of durable steel


Multiple units have the ability to connect to maximize space


Can be installed on finished or unfinished ceilings


Lifetime warranty

Various Sizes with adjustable heights and weight capacities up to 800 lbs

Another solution to maximize garage storage space is wood platforms.

These platforms vary in size and can be built from 2×6 or 2×4 pieces of wood for the structure as ¾ inch plywood that is used for the rear. These platforms can be secured to the frame of your garage walls and can support the platforms by using aircraft cable. This ensures that the platforms provide secure, optimum weight and storage solutions. The underside of these platforms can hold pot lights which can add a touch of post modern class to your garage redesign.