Garage Storage Solutions

Garage Storage Solutions

Organization skills are key to a garage reformation. Anyone can build cabinets to put things in, but we at Garage Perfect, utilize our organization abilities to ensure that your garage is organized in a manner that you can easily access your essentials when needed. The first step in creating your dream space is to organize your belongings into categories according to level of need.

If you’re stumped on how to group your items there are a variety of categories to consider including:
Automotive Accessories

These items can be stored in an easily accessible section of the garage. Examples of automotive products that can be grouped in this category includes; automotive cleansers, automotive wax, and windshield wiper fluid, cloths and brushes. These products and more can be conveniently placed on and in a combination of shelves, baskets and hooks. If you deem necessary cabinets or a workbench may be installed as well to suit your automotive needs.

Bicycle Storage & Bike RacksBicycle Storage & Bike Racks

It is imperative to ensure that the storage of bicycles don’t cause damage to vehicles. Having bicycles suspended from the garage ceiling is the most effective way for winter storage. For easy access during the warmer weather a bike rack can be built out of the way of the cars depending on the space available.

Garden Tools & Supplies Storage

Gardening accessories typically consists of sharp tools and may contain poisons or even harsh chemicals. Tools containing long handles such as shovels, rakes and hoes can be suspended on the wall by hooks. Where as the smaller hand tools such can be stored in baskets on the wall. Electrical and smaller gas powered can be hung from hooks with an adjacent hook to safely store power cords. Fertilizers, plant food and other chemicals can be safely stored in tamper proof cabinets.

Household Supplies

Looking for more storage space for household items that you use seasonally? Look no further than your own garage. Using a combination of shelving and cabinets your non-essential household items can be easily organized.

Recycling & Garbage Bin Storage

Having issues with rodents and stray animals getting into your garbage bins? By using shelving and wall hooks you can easily elevate your bins to eliminate the need to clean messy garbage areas.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment can easily be organized by season and sport. Using a combination of hooks and baskets you can easily store anything from hockey gear to baseballs in accordance to season within your garage space.

Tire Storage

Having to rotate tires seasonally can be tiring. Tires are best stored off the ground to save precious floor space and to avoid pressure on the rubber. They can either be stored on wall racks or in overhead storage.

Work Stations & Work Benches

Garages make the best work stations for hobbyist to work on small repairs, home renovation projects and basically anything that requires more space than a regular household provides. Workbenches and work stations prove to be crucial with daunting tasks enabling the user to work through their projects with ease.

Once you’ve coordinated your garage space with its designated locations for your belongings you will need to acquire the hooks, baskets, shelves and cabinets to maximize your space. With the right resources and a touch of originality even the smallest garage can store countless possessions, a workspace and a place to park your car. Click here to see a Garage Perfect storage transformation.