Prioritized Your Garage Renovation Before Interiors

prioritize your garage renovation

Why You Should Consider Finishing Your Garage Floor Before Your Interior Renovation

Home renovation is a booming business in Ottawa. With competing contractors and the expertise homeowners can get from a Google search it’s obvious why many people are investing in their lifestyle and home equity. Which room are your going to renovate first? Kitchen, bathroom, master… or garage? Before your contractor comes in ready to start demolition your kitchen find out why doing your Garage first will make future renovations easier!

Cleaner From The Beginning

Renovating your home is a dirty job. Contractors are coming and going and rarely do they ever take off their boots when entering a job site. Having an epoxy garage floor means your contractor can work in a clean environment to do the rough work. Each time your contractor comes in the house he’ll bring less dirt and that means less cleaning for you each day. If it rains during your renovation you will be happy your contractor can work inside a clean garage.

More living space

When refinishing your garage you increase the square footage of your house. Even without insulation and heating, Garage Perfect clients use their Garage right up until the snow comes. We deliver garages that are perfect places to complete hobbies and play games with the family. During renovations imagine if you had a large clean, dry space to store your furniture during your renovation? That would come in handy and help keep you calm during any renovations. Wheel in the BBQ or use a hot plate and why your dream kitchen is being renovated your garage is a perfect spot to prepare family meals.

Increased Storage

With so many moving parts and connecting pieces, it is no wonder that a lot of renovations are delayed. Having a nice clean area to store personal belongings, new appliances and other renovation equipment take the pressure off the inside areas of your living space. This means that if your renovation gets delayed everything is just a little less stressful. When moving everything back inside your house there is no dust and dirt to clean off thanks to your clean epoxy garage floor.

Renovating your garage floor can be done in a single day and its a dust free process. We specialize in renovating residential garages and can provide a free quote. Is your garage floor cracked and salt damaged? Our process includes resurfacing which is cheaper than replacing your slab and you get a new liveable space to add to your home. Call our sales team to schedule a no obligation sales quote today.

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