Polyurea The King Of Garage Coatings

Why Polyurea Is The King Of Garage Floor Coating

When it comes to garage floor coatings there are tons of resinous products to choose from. Commonly they are all known as epoxy but chemically speaking they are very different.

What is polyurea?

Polyurea was introduced in the last decade and quickly became the industry standard over traditional epoxy coatings. What is a polyurea coating? It’s a kind of polyurethane resin that seals concrete and offers excellent resistance to stains, chemical spills and abrasion.  

Polyurea Chemical Notation
How Polyurea is Superior to Epoxy (for garages)
  • 2 Part resinous mixture delivers the exact amount of product per square foot 
  • Thicker coating than epoxy
  • Resistance to road salt and other chemicals
  • Flexible and superior for joints and edges
  • Doesn’t delaminate 
  • Will not yellow in UV light
Why Is Polyurea Not Popular In DIY Epoxy Kits?

Like most things in life, it comes down to the cost. Polyurea is a high solid 2-part resin that can be rolled on a treated floor these factors add to the cost. Another reason you don’t see it in the home kit is due to its short pot life (~20 minutes). Applying the coating uniformly and quickly is better suited for experienced installers. Improper mixing of A/B resins combined with the working time makes weekend warriors shy away from polyurea coatings.

Recently polyurea single-part products have been released on the market. They work by relying on the moisture in the air to initiate the chemical reaction. The high cost of this product hasn’t yet cracked the DIY shelf at major retailers.

DIY epoxy kits are a low-cost temporary solution for refinishing garage floors. For results that last you need to prepare the surface, repair cracks, prime the floor, and apply multiple coats of coatings. To do the job properly, you need diamond floor polishers, industrial shop-vac and experience.

Great Reviews Of Garage Perfect’s Polyurea Coatings

Switching from epoxy to polyurea was a great move for the coating industry. These days delamination around the garage entrance is a rare occurrence which means fewer repairs for us and happier customers. We developed an installation technique that constrains delamination to the front edge of the garage in the event your floor experiences poor adhesion (but since changing from epoxy we rarely experience issues).

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