General Care & Maintenance


Thank you for purchasing Garage Perfect’s Coating Systems. Our exclusive coating system exhibits superior chemical and abrasion resistance. This system is designed to withstand chemical damage, dirt penetration, and everyday vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

GARAGE PERFECT’s Coating Systems can be maintained through routine sweeping and mopping. procedures. Early deterioration of most of Garage Perfect’s products can be prevented by removing loose particles, soil and the removal of oil and grease based products promptly and regularly from the coating system.

Never use cleaning products containing “Soy”. Soy based products or products containing soy will breakdown the top coat sealer of your coating system causing premature product failure.

To download a PDF of our maintenance guide

Routine Maintenance

Overtime abrasive particles can get ground into your concrete finish from common and high traffic work areas and cause premature gloss reduction. This type of damage is preventable by routine sweeping and mopping.

When mopping your floors, we recommend using a clean polyester mop and a mild soap added to water. For worry some stains a healthy dose of “elbow grease” to break down contaminants and accumulations is also necessary. Floors should be rinsed thoroughly with lots of clear, clean water.

Note: Promptly remove grease, oil, gasoline, solvents, chemical solutions and other contaminants. 

Severe Spillage, Stains and Tread Marks

Severe spillage is a common factor in the damage of concrete flooring and coating. The cleaning protocols for these types of markings and spillage are follows:

Contamination: Floors that are contaminated with chemicals and abrasives may require the assistance of a healthy dosage of the combination of a mild degreaser and auto mechanical auto scrubber or sturdy bristle brush. These tools allow the degreaser to get to the heart of the spillage and allows for the easy removal of the contaminant.

Grease: Greasy deposits are best removed using a heavy concentrate of a degreaser.

Tread Marks: To remove tread marks use a mild degreaser to scrub the flooring thoroughly with a stiff bristle brush.

Stubborn Dirt or Stains: Using an ecofriendly non-soy based cleaner pour some diluted cleaner or degreaser on the problem area. Allow the cleaner time to penetrate and break down the problem area before scrubbing and rinsing off. This will increase the effectiveness of the cleaner and provide better results.

Alternative Cleaners

There are a variety of cleaning solutions available on the market. Not all of these cleaning products are safe to use on concrete floor coating. Harsh cleaners can have detrimental effects on the floor coating and could cause premature deterioration of the installed system.

We at Ottawa Concrete and Garage Perfect recommend using mild soap and water mixtures. If water and soap don’t get the job done use a mild degreaser diluted with water at a mixture of no more than 40% Degreaser and 60% water. Rinse thoroughly after degreaser application.

Waxing and Polishing

Garage Perfect’s Coating Systems contains a high gloss finish and typically does not need regular waxing or polishing. However, should wear areas appear in heavy traffic areas over time we recommend using an ecofriendly wax that does not contain soy products.


Although our products are backed with a guarantee they still need a level of care. Prompt special attention to spills and accidental markings are essential in the life of your product. Harsh chemicals, Soy based products and hard brushes or mops should can severely damage the coating on your product and are not recommended for any use. Routine cleaning ensures that the life and luster of your product remains intact for years to come.