Complimentary In-home Consultation

Let’s Meet In Your Garage.

We will take measurements of your garage floor and assess any cracks or salt damage that needs repairs. Take a look at some of our flake samples and get advice on what colours would look best for your garage floor.  

What To Do With The Stuff In Your Garage?

Customers always ask, “what should I do with my bike, lawnmower and winter tires?  Most residential garage floors are finished in a single day and light items can be put back within hours. For customers who want to take more time, we offer other storage solutions!

Short Term Storage

Our process takes 1 to 2 days to complete depending on the repairs needed and the size of the garage. Most garages are ready for light foot traffic & storage within 6 hours of application. Many customers choose to store their contents in the back yard for a day. 

Weekend Storage

Are you looking for added security and want to enjoy the weekend organizing your garage? Moving trucks offer dry, secure storage with affordable weekend rates. Rental trucks offer safe short-term storage for the garage floors that cannot be finished in a day. 

Long Term Storage

Get a storage container delivered to your driveway and safely store all your contents inside. With monthly rentals, available customers don’t have to rush to re-organize their garage. Storage containers provide affordable long-term storage solutions.