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Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coatings For Garage Floors

Concrete degradation is most commonly caused by natural and chemical elements including salt and oil. This combination causes the concrete to get pitted which makes the flooring harder to maintain as well as unsightly. Garage Perfect offers two options for custom flooring; polyaspartic and garage floor epoxy. The deciding factors between these options are dependent on your time requirements, aesthetic needs, and budget. Garage Perfects designers highly recommend a polyaspartic floor coating with coloured flakes for texture and interest for its durability and because it can be installed in one day.

Polyaspartic One Day Flooring System

Polyaspartic flooring has a similar appearance to granite. This durable substance is skid free and can range in a variety of colors.

The installation process is as follows:
  1. We begin by testing the moisture content of the current garage floor. If the moisture exceeds 70% a moisture barrier needs to be applied to ensure that the floor coating will not lift or peel.
  2. We grind the concrete to remove imperfections and open the pores in the concrete which allows the flooring to accept the new coating.
  3. We then repair visible cracks and significantly pitted areas to ensure that the completed floor will have an even finish.
  4. After the floor is coated and flakes are added. This is done for aesthetic purposes.
  5. The final step is to seal the concrete.
    This entire process takes one day. This process can be done in a variation of extreme weather conditions as well.

Garage Floor 

Epoxy is a coating that is applied directly to the concrete floor. The floor preparation requires skilled labourers to grind the existing flooring, even out the flooring by sealing and repairing the cracks and disfigurement and then coat, flake and sealed to perfection.

Although the floor preparation is the same as polyaspartic flooring the epoxy coating takes longer to cure which requires three to four days for the entire process. The price of garage floor epoxy is approximately half of the cost of polyaspartic flooring but it is not skid resistant, fades quicker and is less durable.


The Garage Perfect Floor Coating has high flexibility, so it stretches and moves with the concrete, which gives you far superior durability and performance characteristics.


The Garage Perfect Floor Finishing System is superior to the competition and can be applied year- around to almost any concrete floor with our exclusive one-day process.


The Garage Perfect Floor Finishing System offers the customer an unending array of color choices to coordinate with the architecture or personal styles.